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We unlock the Power of Imagination

At Pegaphant Studio, we don’t just design state-of-the-art performance capture and live rendering solutions; we create unforgettable experiences that blur the line between reality and imagination. Explore the magic of live events and realtime shows in 3D – from theaters to immersive AR and VR environments.

Our Expertise

Realtime In-Engine Cutscenes and Cinematics

Elevate your gaming and cinematic experiences with captivating in-engine cutscenes and cinematics. Our expertise spans both the gaming and film industries, ensuring your narratives unfold with unparalleled visual richness.

Animation and Motion Editing

Immerse your audience in a world of fluid and dynamic animations. From character movements to environmental effects, our skilled team brings every frame to life with precision and artistry.

Performance and Face Capture

Capture the essence of performance with our advanced motion and face capture technologies. Whether for games, films, or live events, we ensure that every nuance is translated into lifelike animations.

Pre Production and Asset Creation

Lay the foundation for success with meticulous pre-production and asset creation. Our team works collaboratively to plan, design, and develop assets that form the backbone of your projects.


Explore the limitless possibilities of storytelling with us.

We bring your stories to life through the seamless fusion of technology and creativity. Our focus is on high-end performance capture, utilizing advanced tools like OptiTrack and Unreal Engine. Elevating animations for movies and games to unprecedented levels of realism and immersion.


Pegaphant Team

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